Sports and Activities

Current MWABA sports and Activities


Goalball is the only team sport specifically designed for the blind. It is played by men and women around the world, including in the Paralympics. MWABA launched its Goalball program in June 2015, by hosting a Goalball clinic at Trinity Washington University. Please watch the video below to find out more about the sport of Goalball, or click here if you are viewing this from a mobile device.


Judo is an art, a sport, and a means of defense. Before learning to throw an opponent, or being thrown himself; the student is first taught the history, customs, and courtesies of Judo. The next lessons deal with the art of body protection (Ukemi, the art of falling without pain or injury); and the principles of balance. In addition to 40 throwing techniques, Judo includes: hold-downs, choking techniques, and armlocks… all of which can be safely used in contests of sport judo as well as self-defense. Adapting the sport to those with visual impairments simply requires participants to maintain contact while sparring.
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Our Yoga program now meets regularly at the Kali Yoga Studio near the Columbia Heights Metro Station, located at 3423 14th St. NW . Our classes meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Get more flexible…develop muscular strength…take advantage of all the benefits that Yoga has to offer. Our volunteer instructors aim to provide excellent instruction for all of our visually impaired participants, and provide one-on-one help when necessary. These classes are open to everyone, but priority will be given to visually impaired participants. Please contact Karla Gilbride at to find out when the next class will be held.

More To Come!

MWABA plans to launch the following programs soon.

Tandem Cycling

Visually impaired individuals will start racking up those miles on their tandem bike, along with their captains.

Running Groups

With the help of our volunteer guides, we will plan routes to run in groups. Routes will vary in length and duration, and participants will be able to join groups that are running at their comfort level.

Please feel free to contact us with any other suggestions for future activities.

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