Interested in Trying Blind Hockey??

We are seeking to get an interest count for Blind Hockey in the Washington, DC area. USA Hockey and the International Blind Ice Hockey Federation are working with local Washington, DC representatives to organize a “try it for free” session on or about February 15, 2016 in the Washington, DC rea. We are seeking interested athletes. What you need to know:

– Players are eligible to participate if they have best corrected vision of 20/200 (legally blind) or worse

– The session is free, and our long-term goal for Blind Hockey is for it to be heavily subsidized to keep the cost of participating affordable.

– You do NOT need to have experience playing ice hockey. Just a willingness to learn and to interact with other blind and partially-sighted athletes.

– The Blind Hockey puck makes noise, similar to a goal ball so it is easier to track. Other adaptations make the game accessible for completely blind and low-vision athletes.

– For more information on Blind Hockey, check out Courage USA at

– Blind Hockey WILL BE an officially recognized part of the Hockey uSA Disabled Summit in April 2016. Local DC players will be provided the opportunity to participate in the national showcase.

If you are interested in learning more about Blind Hockey in the DC area, please like the Facebook Page

Message us there if you would be interested to try Blind Hockey!

Craig Fitzpatrick