Tuesday Night Tandems (northern Virginia)

We are a group of blind or visually impaired individuals and captains who meet every Tuesday for a 20 to 25 mile ride in Alexandria. Our leader, who is a captain, sends a weekly email to the entire group, which consists of about 20 people, to see who is interested in riding the next Tuesday. He then tries to match captains to stokers, as captains are available. If not enough captains are available, not all stokers who wish to ride are able to do so. Not everyone participates every week. We usually end up with four to five teams each Tuesday.
We have accumulated several tandems and store them in one of our captain’s garages.

Our captains are folks who are really interested in getting a good ride, so we seek stokers who are in good shape or have a strong commitment to getting there. We usually suggest that in addition to the Tuesday ride, the stoker be committed to getting serious exercise, such as another hard bike ride, a spin class or weight lifting with legs, one to two other times per week.

We meet at about 5:15 at one of our captain’s homes in Alexandria. I can provide the address to anyone who may be interested. We usually ride each week till daylight savings time is over—about the end of October.

For more information, contact Bonnie O’Day at 703-965-2501 or at boday@mathematica-mpr.com.